The coin and the gun released

Cover Art copyIt is a world where coins and guns are alive.
Get to know the gun and coin like never before.
Their world, struggle, aspiration to their expiration.

This thriller visual novel is about the gun and coin trying to recover what they lost.
Will they get it and at what cost?
They will move through various places in the city on their adventure.

It features a coin and gun viewpoint in it.

Playtime: 4 hours
Endings: 2 endings



It is a she.
Her name is Shillingi.
She is a vain coin.
She would most preferably like to sit down and relax most of the time.


He is a human robber.
He is merciless in execution of his duties.
He likes flight simulator games and freebies.

Coin Boss

His name denotes the character.


This .45 is a he.
He likes a stable environment and latches to something that will provide this stability be it a psycho human or a squirrel.
Licensed to kill.

Get this visual novel here  the coin and the gun for price of only  $7.77
There is also a demo there for you to try before purchasing.

Screenshots of the coin and the gun.

screenshot0100 screenshot0106 screenshot0112 screenshot0114 screenshot0116 screenshot0118 screenshot0119 screenshot0120

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